The need for Mindfulness in Organizations

The most successful organizations don't work only for shareholders values, they work to deliver quality products and services to clients and society and always keep in mind the positive impact they want to leave behind. This requires them to be resilient and innovative, to look for new technologies, be conscious of their effects on climate and environment, contribute to better health and happiness of their people and organize smarter cooperation.

To be able to meet these requirements, organizations have to make sure three things are in proper order: excellent performance, offering healthy and challenging work to passionate employees (including young professionals), and being able to react on new demands with agility and creativity. Healthy, mindful organizations are better at this. But how can one build such an organization?

It all starts with the most important organizational capital: attention, mindful attention. With mindfulness you build a healthy, highly productive organizational culture of healthy attention, focus, resilience, agility, innovation and compassion. With mindful leadership that focuses attention and inspires the organization.

Psychology and management research confirm mindfulness' effectiveness, showing that employees and teams remain healthier and cooperate more productively because of it. Indispensable qualities in the agile working environment. Research in neuroscience shows the same results. Increasing numbers of large companies (Google, SAP, Deloitte, KLM, ING) as well as governments and NGOs see mindfulness and mindful organization as an inherent part of their human resources policy.

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