Parallel sessions

Business Cases

Ineke Leemans

Generali - Manager at Generali Netherlands

In the summer of 2015 Generali started a mindful leadership journey with a team of eight members (management team and Board).

  • Ineke Leemans (Manager at Generali Netherlands until May 2018) presents the results of the mindfulness journey for herself, her team and her organization. In this business case Ineke will discuss the following topics:
  • Starting point: can mindfulness lead us to a more healthy work-life balance and being better leaders?
  • Effect of mindfulness on leading ourselves and our organization
  • Developing Self Awareness and Team Awareness
  • Positive effects of Kindness and Openness
  • Next steps: the start of a corporate based mindfulness program
  • How can mindfulness support your organization in hectic circumstances s.a. reorganizations and mergers

Ginny Chequer

CISCO - Director Human Resources

How might we develop organisational mindfulness?  Bodies of knowledge on the intrapsychic processes of individual mindfulness and the social processes of collective mindfulness exist separately although  there is a growing curiosity to begin to consider the possibilities of both constructs together in the workplace. The focus for many organisations so far has been on meditative interventions aimed at individuals.  Curious about the existing research on both individual and collective mindfulness – and their possible relationship - Ginny Chequer (Director of Leaders and Teams, EMEAR) conducted a qualitative research case-study within technology company Cisco Systems, studying a mindful leader and her team aimed at exploring both constructs of mindfulness.   This session will share the findings of the study and discuss how an expanded understanding of mindfulness as a construct is influencing Cisco’s mindfulness strategy and the pursuit of organisational mindfulness.

Dorette Hollestelle - Geesink

Triodos - Head of HR at Triodos Investment Management

In this talk, Dorette connects the Mindfulness program of Triodos Bank to the leadership skills we all have. How can Mindfulness help you in becoming a leader? And how do you stay grounded in this continuous balancing act?

Dorette Hollestelle - Geesink works at Triodos Bank for more than 7 years as Head of Human Relations (HR) at Triodos Investment Management. In 2014 she started with the first Mindfulness program at Triodos Bank in corporation with external trainers. Gradually elements of the Mindfulness training became more ‘common practice’ at Triodos. In the design process of the new office building, Mindfulness is an important element.

Marloes Telle

Ministry of Education - Mindfulnesstrainer and advisor

In this talk, Marloes will explore the measurable and unmeasurable (but valuable!) impact mindfulness has for professionals in her organization, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Marloes Telle (1977) had been working as a speechwriter for almost a decade, when she decided to take a leap. In 2016 she introduced mindfulness in her organization, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Within eighteen months, 100 colleagues took an eight week course and a few hundred people followed a workshop. Marloes works as a mindfulnesstrainer and advisor on the ministry’s organizational development programme. In 2018 she designed a mindfulness informed training for teams, called ‘pausebutton’.

Maurice van den Bosch

OLVG Hospital Amsterdam - Chairman Executive Board

Mindfulness-based intervention program for medical professionals:

In this lecture, Van den Bosch will share the results of a mindfulness-based intervention program, which has been developed (together with the Amsterdam Center for Mindfulness) for medical professionals in OLVG Hospital. A select group of employees (n=48) underwent an eight-week structured mindfulness course. Outcome variables measured before and after the start of the program focused on quality of life, burn-out symptoms, and performance indicators such as creativity.

Maurice van den Bosch, MD, PhD (1974) is a professor in Interventional Radiology and Chairman of the Executive Board of OLVG Hospital in Amsterdam. OLVG provides the full spectrum of clinical care within the city of Amsterdam, and has 6,000 employees. The mindfulness-based intervention program was introduced in OLVG in 2017. Dr. Maurice van den Bosch has been an avid Sivananda Yoga practitioner since 2002.

Carina Hilders

Gynaecologist and head the executive board of Reinier de Graaf Hospital

Gynaecologist and head the executive board of Reinier de Graaf Hospital, Carina Hilders, is academic in medical management and leadership at the Erasmus University of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM) in Rotterdam. As a medical specialist she fulfils an essential role in the complex field of healthcare, where she always puts the interest of the patient at first. Due to the increasing complexity of healthcare, the workload of the physician is rapidly increasing, not only for its medical content tasks, but also in financial, organisational and management tasks. Which essential role could mindfulness play, in order to assist the medical specialist in his or her duties?


Ute Hülsheger

professor of occupational health psychology at maastricht university

Interest in the potential benefits of mindfulness in the context of work has increased exponentially over the last years. Seeking to improve workplace functioning, organizations such as Google, IBM, SAP, AETNA or General Mills have started offering mindfulness programs and hiring Chief Mindfulness Officers many years ago. In contrast, in the organizational sciences the topic of mindfulness and its potential benefits in the context of work have long been lying dormant. In this talk, I will review current theorizing and empirical evidence on mindfulness in the context of work that has accumulated over the last 5 years. Attention will be paid to key work outcomes, ranging from well-being, job satisfaction to performance. Specifically, I will review findings from a series of experience-sampling studies and intervention studies including brief low-dose self-training and app-based interventions and traditional 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) programs.

Ute Hülsheger is Professor of Occupational Health Psychology at Maastricht University, The Netherlands.  She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology Bielefeld University, Germany and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Amsterdam Business School, The Netherlands. She is interested in studying how individuals can address the daily demands of work effectively, while remaining healthy and satisfied with their work. She studies occupational health-related topics including day-to-day recovery, affective processes at work and the role of mindfulness for employee functioning. Ute’s work has been funded by the Dutch Research Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She has published in top-tier outlets including the Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology and Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.  She currently serves on various editorial boards, including the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Esther de Bruin

Associate professor University of Amsterdam, registered healthcare psychologist and mindfulness trainer
Mindful2Work: people’s voices and quantitative...

Mindful2Work is a newly developed mindfulness-based program that combines outdoor physical activity, with yoga and mindfulness practices, and is based on the rationale that (work)stress and burn-out related complaints may express themselves both mentally and physically and can be targeted through the physical as well as the mental pathway. Quantitative outcome results of the wait-list control study with measurements up to one year later will be discussed as well as qualitative interview data with the participants themselves, thus a bottom-up approach is combined with a top-down approach in this project. Scientific results will be illustrated with video material of the participants.

Esther de Bruin is an associate professor at the University of Amsterdam, a registered health care psychologist and mindfulness trainer. Together with Susan Bögels and Anne Formsma, she authored the Mindful2Work manual for trainers and Mindful2Work workbook for participants (

Jens Näsström

Occupational Psychologist

Swedish independent researcher and Occupational Psychologist Jens Näsström, has studied, trained, and supervised lawyers for over a decade. He has conducted multiple studies of thousands of lawyers to mapp powerful success factors and identifying the most important skill sets for lawyers.  

Jens will share his groundbreaking research on factors that drive performance among lawyers, presenting a persuasive case for corporate mindfulness as one of the most promising training programs for boosting efficacy in the legal sector. He will explain the rationale of corporate mindfulness in the legal world and present validated outcomes from law firms.

Dr. Silke Rupprecht

Postdoc at the Medical Centre for Mindfulness at Radboud University in Nijmegen
What do we really know about mindfulness...

There are many claims about the potential of mindfulness to improve wellbeing and performance of employees and leaders. In this presentation, I will provide an overview of the key and most innovative theory and research in the field of mindfulness in the workplace in an attempt to answer the question: What do we know about its effectiveness? I will focus specifically on leadership research and workplace specific outcomes such as performance and collaboration. Based on these finding, I will highlight ways in which we can advance the field in terms of theory, research and practice.

Silke is a Postdoc at the Medical Centre for Mindfulness at Radboud University in Nijmegen and commissioned by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre to develop a new framework of workplace mindfulness. Her research focuses on the inter-relational effects of mindfulness-based interventions in workplace settings and on mindful leadership. She is trained to teach MBSR and helped develop a mindfulness app for the workplace.


Egbert Mulder

Country director at potentialproject
Masterclass Compassion in Leadership

Masterclass Compassion in Leadership
Compassion is a vital part of mindfulness and can be described as the ability to put oneself in others’ shoes and in doing so better understand their challenges and how best to help them. Compassion is the intent to contribute to the happiness and well- being of others.

Historically, compassion was not promoted as a cornerstone leadership quality. Many viewed it as being a soft skill not well suited for leaders. With the numerous challenges faced by today’s workforce, compassion has become increasingly important and recognized as a foundational aspect of leadership. Research found that compassionate leaders are perceived as stronger and better leaders. Simply put, compassion is core to effective leadership. In this masterclass we will focus on the following questions:

  • What are the four qualities of compassionate leaders and organizations?
  • How can we develop and practice compassion and apply it in our daily work situation?

Egbert Mulder is country director at Potential Project Nederland and a well know speaker on mindfulness, leadership and organizational development. In 2014 he published “Vanuit Stilte naar Succes” (“From Silence to Succes”) about leadership, mindfulness and compassion. It is Egbert’s mission to help leaders and organizations enhance performance, innovation and resilience through mindfulness and other practices grounded in neuroscience and research.

Kiki Vreeling

Business Administration and Mindfulness
Masterclass Mindful Personal Leadership for professionals

Masterclass Mindful Personal Leadership for professionals
When leading others trust is an important aspect. In this hands-on masterclass Kiki will demonstrate how mindfulness supports this fundamental element of leadership and will give practical tools.

Surprised by the fact that focus, mindfulness and self-management is not a fundamental part of leadership, Kiki Vreeling designed her own program many years ago on Mindful Personal Leadership for professionals combining her knowledge and experience of Business Administration and Mindfulness. Her work is embraced by managers, executives and CEO's from various companies and management schools. Clients such as the Rotterdam School of Management, Optiver and Essent are using her methods to drive real personal development and top performance.