Program Mindfulness in Organizations conference

This conference brings together knowledge, skills and inspiration about the growing importance of mindfulness in professional organizations.

Top speakers, both from the academic and business world, will inspire you with leadership topics and mindful strategies. Experience the effects of mindfulness practice in high level masterclasses and workshops led by world renowned mindfulness trainers. Learn how mindful leadership can help build successful and inspiring organizations.

Leading scientists will reveal the effects of meditation on the workings of the mind. Meditation practicing CEO’s will present inspiring and successful business cases that underline the advantages of mindfulness in our 21st century business world. Psychology and management research confirm mindfulness' effectiveness, showing that employees and teams remain healthier and cooperate more productively because of it. Indispensable qualities in the agile working environment

Why should you attend?

  • This is the first European conference about the advantages and successes of mindfulness in organisations.
  • Get exclusive insights in strategies and approaches used by a broad range of organizations, from multinationals to healthcare and SME’s.
  • With top international speakers from scientific and business world.
  • Learn how mindful leadership can help you build a successful and inspiring organisation.
  • Create successful teams with mindfulness practices.
  • Exchange knowledge and experience with forward-thinking companies.
  • Connect with your international counterparts and share experiences.

During the conference we will offer the participants a wide variety of business cases, scientific insights and practical masterclasses on mindfulness and compassion.

Business cases

Mindfulness has been implemented in many corporates, hospitals, government organizations and ngo’s over the last five years. We have selected the most promising business cases from amongst them, that will answer your questions about the why and how of mindfulness in organizations, the HR-policies behind it and the results in terms of health, well-being and performance.

All business cases will answer the following questions:

  • Why is mindfulness training relevant for my organization?
  • What results can I expect from implementing mindfulness?
  • What conditions need to be in place for mindfulness to be effective?
  • How does mindfulness relate to health, wellbeing and performance?

Science of mindfulness

The Science of MindfulnessThe science of mindfulness has shown an exponential growth of the last 15 years and has delivered fascinating results for what mindfulness can do both at an individual as well as organizational level. In these workshops speakers will provide you with the latest scientific insights on mindfulness and how it works for employees and organizations through specifically developed mindfulness-based programs for business.

Expert speakers will talk about:

  • Mindfulness as attention based emotion regulation and the effects on performance, relations and wellbeing: what do we know?
  • The impact assessment of mindfulness in business, the case for mindfulness-based HR.


Mindfulness is pre-eminently a practice, not a cognitive concept, not an easy trick. Organizing mindfulness in your leadership and business means the introduction of practices that support mindfulness on a day-to-day basis. In various masterclasses experienced mindfulness teachers will let you understand and experience what mindfulness and mindful leadership is and how you can build a practice for yourself and your company.

Mindfulness teachers will:

  • Let you understand and experience mindfulness in the workplace
  • Mindful and compassionate leadership: what is it and how can you build your own practice.

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