Pauline de Wilde

Moderator at the Mindfulness in Organizations conference

Pauline de Wilde is the moderator at the Mindfulness in Organizations conference. Pauline started her acting career in the US at the age of 25, where she exchanged her economic career (University of Amsterdam) for becoming an actress in Seattle, USA. This is the moment where she realized: “If you follow your heart, and do what you love on a daily basis, life will be easier and you will be happier”. Back in the Netherlands she continued this switch, and presented different tv programs voor RTL like, “ Ondernemerszaken”, Duurzaam Ondernemen”, as well as “ Snowmagazine” and “ ViaVacance".

As a moderator Pauline knows how to perfectly combine content with stage presence. This gives her the opportunity to really show her interest in people. Being part of the Mindfulness Conference makes Pauline proud because here she can do what she believes in: motivating people to take the next step to a healthier, happier and more loving life. A life that suits you, not your mother, your boss or your perfect neighbor, no just you!